Ballroom Classes

Ballroom Dances

Ballroom Dances have always been front and center in the dancing practice of any dance studio…

Just like the latin dances form one-half of the standardly accepted dancing spectrum, the Ballroom dancing styles form another half of it, thus balancing each other…

Starting with a posh Foxtrot and finishing with an upbeat and cheerful Quickstep, the tradition of  Ballroom Dances is more than diverse to satisfy the most craving and pickiest tastes out there…

Our lineup of classic Ballroom Dances consists of:

  • Slow Waltz – slow, beautiful, graceful, rotational dance
  • Tango – passionate, aggressive, structured dance
  • Viennese Waltz – fast, rotational dance with only a few steps
  • Slow Foxtrot – smooth, elegant, linear dance
  • Quickstep – fast, fun, exciting, sparkling dance


Please call us on 020 3802 7326 for details. We aim to offer the best prices and will provide a package tailored to your individual needs.

Head Instructor

Nassy is a professional ballroom and Latin, qualified American smooth and American rhythm dance instructor and choreographer.

She started dancing at the age of 9 and at the age of 13 she attended her first dance competition. Throughout her career as competitive dancer she achieved numerous titles of National and International values where she toured Europe, representing Bulgaria.

After graduating In 2006 Nassy Decided to pursuit a life changing goals and to widened her dance skills further she moved to Phoenix , Arizona US and worked at “Fried Astaire” dance studios where she has trained and worked as a dance instructor teaching adults and coaching students and competing with them in American smooth and American rhythm with a wide range of abilities. She continued her personal development and professional abilities by coaching with the world’s finest and USA famous dance professionals as well as competing in American smooth division.

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